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Host a Pop Up Shop?

What is the economic impact of hosting a Taken pop up shop?  

The immediate benefit is certainly for the artists & makers whose work is in front of a new audience of buyers and potential future customers. Our shop is not intended to be "the" destination, rather we chose the locations to create a ripple effect; customers will visit other shops, restaurants and attractions as part of their experience shopping at Taken.

The business location/partner is featured in all of our promotions both pre and post the one-day event. Our marketing reach is through our website, email newsletters and social media outlets. We can do site specific promotion for the host location during the shop hours.  

What is expected from the building owner to host a Taken pop up shop?

Our ideal shop space is between 500 - 750 square feet. Larger spaces are welcome; we will simply partition off the space needed for the shop. Smaller spaces are welcome for shorter term shops.

Locations must be secure and have running electric and heat. Running water/bathroom is certainly preferred but not required. Expectation is access to the space for a total of 20 hours over three days.

We bring everything into the shop necessary to transform the space: display surfaces, lighting, signage, merchandise, check-out, etc. Existing furnishings in the space will be incorporated into our displays. 




We are currently seeking location partners for our 2019 Spring Season.

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