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Artist or Maker?

How are items chosen for the pop-up shop?

Taken will work with artists & makers to select items for the shop. Given the small footprint, items will be chosen that fit the aesthetic of the shop. Attention will be paid to the following guidelines:

· Artist/Maker produces items that are one-of-a-kind or small run/batches

· Artist/Maker has a commitment to sustainability and/or a sensitivity to where and how   materials are sourced for their product.

· Artist/Maker is committed to craftsmanship

·  Artist/Maker is a Maryland resident

What type of products will the store feature?

The pop-up shop features items for the home and garden including furniture, kitchen wares, linens, bed & bath items, floor coverings, food products, plant materials, artwork and home décor. Items may be new, re-purposed or vintage.

What products are you not carrying?
The pop-up shop will not carry children’s toys, clothing, jewelry, cosmetic items, weapons of any kind or drug paraphernalia.



To be considered for the pop-up shop send the following information:

· Artist Name/Business Name
  (if applicable)

· Logo if available (JPEG preferred)

· Brief description of product
  (one paragraph)

· Website/Social Media outlets

· 3 photos that are representative of the style/scope of work

Artists and makers applications are reviewed as they are submitted. Selection and inclusion opportunities are available with a 6 – 8 week lead time.