Taken (what's in a name) 

Why Taken? I have always been a fan of tag sales and quirky little "antique" shops; usually on the side of a country road, full of surprises and things you never realized you needed.

Back in art school, tag sales were our road trip adventures; something to do on a weekend morning and a way to decorate on a budget. At the time, when you got to the sale too late, and the big items had already been spoken for, there would be a tag taped to the side with the word "taken" scrawled on it. Suddenly that item, (you know, the huge fireplace mantel that wouldn't fit through the front door of your apartment), became the perfect thing; all because it was "taken" by someone else.

Fast forward a few decades, and I still slow down to look at the "free" items people leave on the sidewalk, because you never know when someone's discarded item can be re-invented into the perfect piece you never knew you needed!


Plain and simple, I love a good story. Stories transport us, create memories, become our history; they are something we all share. Good stories stand the test of time and keep us connected.

For me Taken is full of great stories. From the incredibly talented artists and makers, who give a bit of themselves in everything they create; to the fun vintage pieces with their storied past reinvented for a new audience; to the shops themselves and the dynamic business partners we showcase.

There are so many great stories to be told. Follow along, I have no doubt you’ll learn something, laugh a bit, and find the one that you can’t help but share. 


We believe in giving back.

Giving back means a lot of things, and sometimes it can feel like a catch phrase. As a small business, it's the added challenge of limited resources and managing time. For Taken, giving back has been part of our story since we launched. We want to be intentional in our choices so we can be consistent in our commitment to the makers movement and to sustainability. 

From choosing a nonprofit partner each season to be our pop up shop location, to volunteering to help others run successful events; we are committed to a community that provides opportunities for everyone.